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Paul Ryan

Obama’s Flawed Budget

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget was released today and it was more of the same Big Government spending. Of note, the proposed White House budget calls for $580 billion in additional taxes from American families. President Obama has always been a tax and spend liberal and this budget just adds another exclamation point to […] NO JOE-MENTUM

Coming out of Thursday’s one and only Vice Presidential debate, the one thing that remains perfectly clear is that Joe Biden did nothing to stop the Romney-Ryan momentum. “The Big Mo” for the Republican ticket began with a bang almost 10 days ago due to the excellent performance delivered by Governor Romney at the first […]

Cagle Post: Why Paul Ryan Terrifies Democrats

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a bold and visionary choice in selecting House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to join the GOP ticket. The Ryan pick firmly places the economy and our dire fiscal situation in the spotlight, the issue Americans care the most about and the one Team Obama is trying the hardest to […]

Politico: Is Paul Ryan a good VP choice?

Mitt Romney made a bold and visionary choice in selecting Rep. Paul Ryan today. In an election that will be won or lost on the economy, Paul Ryan is an innovator who has a plan that will get us out of the fiscal abyss that America currently stands in thanks to President Obama’s failed liberal […]

Senate Democrats – JUST DO NOT GET IT

Senate Democrats rejected the House Republicans’ budget plan yesterday that attempts to reign in the deficit and bring down our $14 trillion debt. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan would cut $74 billion from the federal budget. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the plan “unworkable” and “draconian.” If Senator Reid hedges on cutting only […]