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Citizens United’s CPAC Sneak Peeks Pack The House!

Citizens United is proud to report that the CPAC sneak peeks of our two newest documentaries this past weekend were both smash hits! On Friday night at 8pm we screened Generation Zero, our controversial look at the current economic crisis in America. This was just the second time “Gen Zero” was shown before an audience, the first time being before a packed house at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, February 5th. As the crowd gathered and the line formed at the CPAC Theater inside the Marriott Wardman Hotel in Northwest Washington, D.C., extra seats actually needed to be brought into the room to accommodate all those in attendance!

Andrew Breitbart provided a very special introduction, and told the audience that Gen Zero was a film every American needed to see and reported that Sean Hannity, after seeing the film, felt exactly the same. Hannity felt so strongly about the film that he dedicated the entire hour of his show on Tuesday,…

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