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Daily Caller: President Obama You’re No Ronald Reagan

In The Daily Caller, CU President David Bossie writes about the Time Magazine cover featuring President Reagan with his arm around Obama:

Soon-to-be White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s former employer Time magazine has given President Obama a big thank you gift this week. Not only is President Obama on the cover of Time magazine for the 24th time in little more than four years, but the editors are trying to portray Obama as the next Ronald Reagan. President Obama and President Reagan are polar opposites in both politics and style. For a struggling magazine, I guess putting Reagan on the cover is the only way to sell some copies. Time magazine and the left will stop at nothing to prop up President Obama’s sagging presidency. Just over two years ago, Time portrayed President Obama as the next FDR on the cover of the magazine, but after the failure of Obama’s big government agenda, Time is jumping to have Obama reflect the country’s more conservative mood. These ploys are pathetic and desperate.

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President Reagan served his country with a grace and style that cannot be matched, especially by the current occupant of the White House…

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