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CSPAN: Conservatives Principles Conference Panel

Over the weekend I was able to host a very successful screening of Rediscovering God in America with Newt and Callista Gingrich on Friday (see photos on Facebook).  And on Saturday, I presenting at Rep. Steve King’s Conservatives Principles Political Action Committee Conference.  Please take a moment to view my speech, which was carried live […]

Daily Caller: President Obama You’re No Ronald Reagan

In The Daily Caller, CU President David Bossie writes about the Time Magazine cover featuring President Reagan with his arm around Obama: Soon-to-be White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s former employer Time magazine has given President Obama a big thank you gift this week. Not only is President Obama on the cover of Time magazine […]

RedState: Reagan and Obama – NO COMPARISON

CU President David Bossie introduces the web ad “Reagan and Obama – NO COMPARISON” on RedState: Time Magazine is out this week with a photoshopped cover of President Ronald Reagan with his arm around President Barack Obama. This manipulated image is as outrageous as it is factually dishonest. Both men may share the same title, […]

Daily Caller: The $14 trillion gorilla

CU President David Bossie introduces the “800 Pound Gorilla” web ad on The Daily Caller: America is in a financial crisis. For years, politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored the 800-pound gorilla in the room — our climbing $14 trillion national debt. That trend seems like it will continue with reports coming […]

Daily Caller: The inevitability of the draft

CU President David Bossie presents our new video “Lady Gaga DADT – Be careful what you rally for” on The Daily Caller: At Citizens United, we have released a YouTube video to highlight how the very people protesting “don’t ask, don’t tell” could be subject to a new draft if the repeal is signed into […]

Obama: Miles Away From Reality

With the country on the brink of the largest tax increase in American history, where will President Obama be? Watch the video below to find out: Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free email newsletter and get all the latest sent directly to your inbox. Your Email Address Thank you for subscribing! Something went wrong. […]