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Time Magazine

Time: Dead Magazine Walking

On January 8th, Time Magazine ran an article with the headline “Violent Rhetoric and Arizona Politics” in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona. The article tried to tie heated rhetoric and the immigration debate in Arizona to the Giffords shootings. In reality the shootings were committed by a homicidal maniac who has mental […]

Newsmax: Citizens United: Mr. Obama, You’re No Reagan

Jim Meyers covers our Reagan-Obama video in Newsmax: The conservative organization Citizens United has launched a video in response to a new Time magazine cover story comparing President Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan, with the point: “There is no comparison.” The video contrasts several Reagan statements against those of Obama, including: Reagan: “It is time […]

Daily Caller: President Obama You’re No Ronald Reagan

In The Daily Caller, CU President David Bossie writes about the Time Magazine cover featuring President Reagan with his arm around Obama: Soon-to-be White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s former employer Time magazine has given President Obama a big thank you gift this week. Not only is President Obama on the cover of Time magazine […]

RedState: Reagan and Obama – NO COMPARISON

CU President David Bossie introduces the web ad “Reagan and Obama – NO COMPARISON” on RedState: Time Magazine is out this week with a photoshopped cover of President Ronald Reagan with his arm around President Barack Obama. This manipulated image is as outrageous as it is factually dishonest. Both men may share the same title, […]

Socialists of the World Unite to Honor WikiLeakers

Reports out today that Russia wants to nominate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize are laughable. Although President Obama knows what it means to undeservedly win the Nobel Peace Prize, Julian Assange is an enemy of the state and should be brought to justice. It should come as no surprise that the Russians […]