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Join the Fight Against Unions in Ohio!

On Tuesday November 8th, voters in Ohio will go to the polls to vote on an important ballot measure known as “Issue 2”, the referendum on Senate Bill 5. Citizens United is a strong supporter of the Senate Bill 5 reform law in Ohio. This is a bold piece of legislation spearheaded by Ohio Governor John Kasich that reforms unfair union health care and pension deals in the state of Ohio. Much like what happened this past summer in Wisconsin, the local and national unions are on the ground in the Buckeye State and spending millions to defeat Senate Bill 5 at the polls.

Here is the background on Senate Bill 5: The Obama-Strickland-Union troika’s fiscal policies in Ohio were failing and bankrupting the state. Governor Kasich enacted a bold reform plan with Senate Bill 5. Now powerful union forces are spending millions to overturn the bill so they can get their gold-plated health care and pension deals back. These are the very deals that keep taxes high, put state budgets on the path to bankruptcy, and foster a poor environment for promoting job growth. If Senate Bill 5 is repealed, it will embolden the Left and give Obama hope that he can carry Ohio in 2012, which could pave the way for his re-election. Ohio – and the rest of the country – cannot afford four more years of President Obama.

Citizens United, in conjunction with Dick Morris, is raising money to combat the unions in Ohio. If Senate Bill 5 is sustained it will be a major victory for the real reforms that need to be made nationwide. Unions have run roughshod over state and local governments for years. They must be stopped!

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Time and again politicians on both sides of the aisle have bowed to union pressure. I am happy to see Governor Romney clarified his position today fully supporting Senate Bill 5, joining Governor Perry and other conservatives. We need leaders who will stand firm against the failed union status quo.

On Election Day, it’s critically important that all reform-minded Ohioans who care about fiscal responsibility and the standard of living for their children and grandchildren in the years to come VOTE “YES” on ISSUE 2.

in making sure Senate Bill 5 remains on the books in Ohio. Winning these battles, like we have done already in Wisconsin, will help us win the war against unions nationwide.

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