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Nancy “Pinocchio” Pelosi

The Washington Post, of all publications, calls out Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her “absurd” and “invented” claims on the effect of compromising with Republicans on the budget.  Earlier in the week, Pelosi said that 6 million seniors would be “deprived of meals” if Republicans had their way in the ongoing budget negotiations. The Washington Post says her claims are a “wild guess” and gives her the highest possible whopper rating on their Pinocchio scale.

Nancy Pelosi flat-out lied to score some cheap political points and scare America’s greatest generation, but this is nothing new for the former Speaker of the House.  Pelosi has a history of making stuff up – like the time she claimed unemployment checks served as a job creator or when she said that “500 million Americans [would] lose their jobs” (in a country of 300 million) every month if the stimulus didn’t pass.

Suffice it to say, grandma shouldn’t be stocking up on cat food just yet.

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