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As the clock ticks down towards a government shutdown you would think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would be hard at work trying to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, Reid is AWOL and did not even bring back the United States Senate into session on Sunday after the House of Representatives softened its position and […]

Nancy “Pinocchio” Pelosi

The Washington Post, of all publications, calls out Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her “absurd” and “invented” claims on the effect of compromising with Republicans on the budget.  Earlier in the week, Pelosi said that 6 million seniors would be “deprived of meals” if Republicans had their way in the ongoing budget negotiations. The Washington […]

Obama AWOL on Budget

What a difference a day makes.  Today President Obama is gassing up Air Force One and heading out of Washington as a government shutdown looms.  But just yesterday President Obama said, “Myself, Joe Biden, my team we are prepared to meet for as long as possible to get this resolved.” (And we all know how […]

Reid Needs To Go

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not take our budget crisis seriously and is refusing to budge from the failed status quo because he is more interested in scoring political points and protecting his pet projects.  Instead of working on a fiscally responsible budget, last month he wasted time pontificating about how a cowboy poetry […]