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Newsmax: Citizens’ Bossie: Obama Is a Hypocrite on Super PACs

Citizens United President David Bossie charged in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV that President Barack Obama’s disdain of super PACs is hypocritical because the president accepts money from them and supports unions whose members have no say where their money goes.

In 2010, Citizens United successfully sued the Federal Election Commission, and in a landmark decision the Supreme Court ruled that government can’t limit the amount of money corporations and unions spend on political issues. Bossie’s group just released its newest documentary production called “The Hope and the Change.”

Despite criticism that super PACs are ruining elections, Bossie believes that they serve an important purpose in keeping the electorate informed.

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“We went to the United States Supreme Court to fight for our First Amendment right to be able to make documentary films and put them on television and advertise them, which was a criminal violation of the law of McCain-Feingold,” he said. “So we went to court to fight for that right and it was the Supreme Court who ruled in the much broader fashion than we even had envisioned. Did I hope that we would dismantle large portions of McCain-Feingold with our suit? Absolutely. Am I glad that Super PACs now exist? Absolutely. They exist on both sides of the aisle. They exist on the left and on the right.”

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