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Newsmax: Citizens’ Bossie: Obama Is a Hypocrite on Super PACs

Citizens United President David Bossie charged in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV that President Barack Obama’s disdain of super PACs is hypocritical because the president accepts money from them and supports unions whose members have no say where their money goes. In 2010, Citizens United successfully sued the Federal Election Commission, and in a landmark […]

Newsmax: Citizens United’s Bossie: Obama ‘Thugocracy’ in Wis.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with’s Kathleen Walter to discuss everything from unions to debt to Ronald Reagan to President Obama: President Barack Obama’s Chicago-style politics and “union thugocracy” are at work in Wisconsin in an effort to undermine Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to rein in the power of public sector labor […]

Newsmax: Citizens United: Mr. Obama, You’re No Reagan

Jim Meyers covers our Reagan-Obama video in Newsmax: The conservative organization Citizens United has launched a video in response to a new Time magazine cover story comparing President Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan, with the point: “There is no comparison.” The video contrasts several Reagan statements against those of Obama, including: Reagan: “It is time […]