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Over 400,000 Lost Again Last Week

For the thirteenth straight week over 400,000 Americans lost their jobs. The failed economic policies of the Obama Administration have led America down a path where losing over 400,000 jobs a week has become the new normal. President Obama has not led on the economy and refuses to produce a new plan that will create jobs. The one plan his Administration did produce was the failed stimulus that is estimated to have cost the American taxpayer $278,000 per job created. This lack of effective leadership should not be a surprise. In 2008 America elected a liberal community organizer to fix our economy. We need real leaders who understand what makes the American economy the envy of the world and how to keep us prosperous.

To get America moving again we must Cut, Cap, and Balance our spending and bring down our $14 trillion national debt. Today, President Obama will meet with Congressional leaders about the debt. He must present a bold plan that will make hard decisions in cutting entitlement programs. America needs real leadership from the White House, but to date it has been the same old failed liberal policies of class warfare, scaring seniors, and blaming straw men for political gain.

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