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stimulus – Obama’s Atrocities

When President Obama made the declaration last week that his stance on same-sex marriage had “evolved” into supporting it, the New York Times called me up to see what the conservative movement thought about Obama’s evolution. I said to the reporter, “Just when you thought the conservative movement couldn’t be any more energized against President […]

Cagle Post – Solyndra: Spawn of Stimulus

In early September, President Obama finally unveiled his jobs plan: a new $447 “stimulus” package. The President exhorted Congress to “Pass this bill!” but Americans aren’t ready for another round of “stimulus” – we’re still trying to recover from the consequences of the last one, which cost nearly twice as much. In 2009, President Obama […]

Over 400,000 Lost Again Last Week

For the thirteenth straight week over 400,000 Americans lost their jobs. The failed economic policies of the Obama Administration have led America down a path where losing over 400,000 jobs a week has become the new normal. President Obama has not led on the economy and refuses to produce a new plan that will create […]

Stimulus Money To Tax Cheats

In March, Citizens United released a report entitled “Where Did All That Stimulus Money Actually Go?” The report concluded that the staggering amounts of taxpayer funds spent in each Congressional District garnered so few positive results that it was a disgrace. Just today, it has been reported that more than $24 billion in stimulus money […]

Where Did All That Stimulus Money Actually Go?

More than two years after the fact, President Obama’s partisan $800 billion “stimulus” bill is still as controversial as it was when it was first signed into law in February 2009. There is little evidence to support that the Obama stimulus plan was anything but a lesson in how to waste almost a trillion dollars […]

Democrat Stimulus Package Heavy on Pork, Light on Jobs

Despite promises of reform from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue over the last two years, the $825 billion stimulus package written without even a fig leaf of bipartisanship contains astronomical sums of pork barrel spending that will do nothing to create jobs for unemployed Americans. A glance at some of the more egregious provisions of […]