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Schumer Caught Red-Handed

New York Democrat Senator Charles “The Mouth of the North” Schumer was caught red-handed yesterday scheming with fellow Democrat Senators before a conference call with the press. Schumer said, in reference to language Democrats should use to describe Republican spending cuts, “I always use ‘extreme’….That is what the caucus instructed me to use.” Sen. Schumer didn’t know he was being taped while laying out the Democrat’s secret spin strategy to oppose meaningful spending cuts and try to induce a government shutdown – all while publicly pretending to favor negotiations and compromise.

It’s amazing that Senator Schumer feels no urgency about our country’s dire fiscal situation and the urgent need to cut spending to rectify it. When the history books are written about the 112th Congress, Senator Schumer will be remembered for essentially advocating the position that $14 trillion in debt is not a problem and doesn’t need to be dealt with at all.

Schumer is the poster child for liberals who have been in Washington way too long. His failed Big Government philosophy is what has led to our debt crisis, and Schumer, along with other liberal Democrat Senators, are throwing up roadblocks to fix the problem, all to score political points. Washington needs real leadership in order to change the failed status quo.

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If the government is forced to shut down, wouldn’t it be great if the press actually reported the truth about the budget negotiations and blamed the Democrats?

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