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Budget deficit

Obama’s Flawed Budget

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget was released today and it was more of the same Big Government spending. Of note, the proposed White House budget calls for $580 billion in additional taxes from American families. President Obama has always been a tax and spend liberal and this budget just adds another exclamation point to […]

Cagle Post: 1,000 Days of Absurdity

Last week the United States Senate passed a dubious milestone and fittingly it came on the day President Obama gave his State of the Union address. January 24th marked the 1,000th day since the Harry Reid Senate last passed a federal budget. Families across America sit around their kitchen tables and work on their budgets. […]

Where in the World is Joe Biden?

The Obama Administration’s chief negotiator for the budget, Vice President Joe Biden, has just wrapped up a vacation in Aspen, Colorado. In early March, President Obama touted that Vice President Biden would help broker a budget deal with Congressional Republicans. Since then, Vice President Biden has been traveling the world from Russia to Moldova, and […]

Daily Caller: America’s Secret Entitlement Program

Our op-ed in the Daily Caller today – there is a secret entitlement program that the Obama Administration does not want to talk about: This entitlement program does not help those on Medicare or Medicaid, and it is not part of the Social Security system. This entitlement program has one function: paying interest to foreign […]