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Obama’s Flawed Budget

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget was released today and it was more of the same Big Government spending. Of note, the proposed White House budget calls for $580 billion in additional taxes from American families. President Obama has always been a tax and spend liberal and this budget just adds another exclamation point to that fact. Our economy is anemic at best, and the White House just wants to raise taxes and think the problem of our $16 trillion national debt will just go away.

Another claim in this budget is that $400 billion will be “saved” due to Obamacare. As we have seen with recent news stories, Obamacare and its 17,000 pages of regulations will only cost more money, not save money for the federal government. When fully enacted, Obamacare will be a drain on our economy and will only increase the price of healthcare.

President Obama’s budget is not a serious proposal because it neglects any actual entitlement reform. The liberal base of the Democrat Party just does not want to touch the issue. Real reform needs to take place now, if President Obama and his friends on the Left just want to keep ignoring the entitlement issue than America’s fiscal solvency will be at risk for future generations. Something America cannot afford to do.

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