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Democrat Super Committee Member Fun Facts

Who did the Senate Democrats pick to find budget cuts on the new debt super committee?

Patty Murray: National Journal’s most-liberal Senator, 2008 vote rankings, and chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

John Kerry: National Journal’s most-liberal Senator, 2003 vote rankings, and 2004 presidential loser.

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Max Baucus: Author of Obamacare.

Isn’t it a bit humorous that liberals are being tasked to find budget cuts in the first place?  I’m surprised they didn’t put Socialist Bernie Sanders on the committee.

File this under “Why the Democrats aren’t serious about getting our fiscal house in order.”

The Democrat side of the super committee has no credibility.  I can’t wait to see who Pelosi picks…what are the odds she actually thinks to pick a Blue Dog?

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