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Help Us, Supercommittee, You’re Our Only Hope!

With the national debt making news once again by exploding past the surreal $15 trillion mark, there is a glimmer of hope that those advocating for spending cuts as opposed to tax increases will get a shot in the arm for their cause as the Supercommittee approaches it’s deadline next week.

Our country is $15 trillion in debt and on our way to Banana Republic status because we spend too much, period.  All efforts should be focused on spending cuts and program reforms.  Telling Americans to shoulder a bigger burden because of decades of irresponsible leadership is a dereliction of duty. Agreeing to roll over and pay more taxes amounts to nothing more that allowing our leaders to take the easy way out and not deal with our central problem:  an out of control federal government that spends money without regard for right and wrong.

Over the past year, with all the fights over continuing resolutions and debt limits, one fact remains – nothing really changed.  Federal spending still increased by $145 billion in FY2011!   Our leaders on both sides of the aisle on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue simply do not appear to have the political courage to enact the massive spending cuts and structural changes to our tax code and entitlement programs necessary to halt America’s decline.  It’s truly sad that politicians only seem to do the right thing after hell completely breaks loose.  The Supercommittee is destined to go down in history one way or the other.

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