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Big Government: If It’s Hello 1980, It’s Goodbye Obama

Is 2012 turning out to be another 1980? After seeing and hearing the Democrats at their convention in Charlotte, it’s almost becoming eerie at this point. The sad truth for Democrats is that little has changed in 32 years. There’s an unmistakable feeling in politics that you get when you don’t feel quite right about […]

Media Advisory: “The Hope and The Change” and “Occupy Unmasked” to be Screened During the DNC

Washington, DC – President David N. Bossie of Citizens United Productions – the premier conservative film studio in America – today announced that “The Hope and The Change” and “Occupy Unmasked” will be screened in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the Democratic National Convention. The screenings will take place in conjunction with Libertystock on Thursday, September […] – Obama, The Broken Record

Another month, another bad jobs report: unemployment languishes at 8.2 percent again. In President Obama’s Bizarro World this is a step in the right direction and the private sector is “doing fine.” This sad state of affairs has become the new normal of America under the Obama Presidency. Even with these dismal job numbers, the […]

Politico: First lady criticism on Target?

The Target photo-op of the first lady was classic image manipulation. Let’s not forget that Michelle Obama recently took some heat for wearing a $40,000 bracelet to a DNC fundraiser in New York a few weeks back. It is okay to wear a $40,000 bracelet – just own it, don’t pretend to be something you’re […]

Obama’s Temper Tantrum

Yesterday, President Obama threw a temper tantrum like a two year old and stormed out of a meeting that he personally called for on the debt crisis. President Obama has become unhinged and is resorting to scare tactics and childish behavior in an attempt to win the media spin cycle.  He is playing politics with […]