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Big Government: If It’s Hello 1980, It’s Goodbye Obama

Is 2012 turning out to be another 1980? After seeing and hearing the Democrats at their convention in Charlotte, it’s almost becoming eerie at this point. The sad truth for Democrats is that little has changed in 32 years.

There’s an unmistakable feeling in politics that you get when you don’t feel quite right about your guy anymore; those feelings were rampant inside Madison Square Garden in 1980 and again at Time Warner Cable Arena this week. The feeling is palpable, and it sometimes signals pending doom.

In August 1980 in New York City, incumbent President Jimmy Carter did not make the best speech at the convention. That moment belonged to Senator Ted Kennedy. Kennedy left the liberal delegates feeling nostalgic and believing that they nominated the wrong guy. As it turns out, they were probably right. In September 2012 in Charlotte, President Obama also did not make the best speech at the convention. That clearly belonged to former President Bill Clinton. Dollar Bill put on a spectacle that not only conjured up memories of better days for the Democrat faithful but also made the delegates wonder what might have been had Hillary Clinton prevailed in 2008 and she was the one being re-nominated instead.

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