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Hillary The Movie

Hillary Clinton’s Enemies List

An excerpt in Politico from the to-be-released book, HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, provides some fascinating insight as to the extent Hillary Clinton and her team went to make an enemies list. As her 2008 presidential campaign was ending, two of her employees were kept on staff to build a detailed […]

Mother Jones: Will an Anti-Hillary Sequel Again Rock American Politics?

So it begins—the revival of the right-wing’s get-Hillary crusade. The conservative outfit Citizens United, which in 2008 released the anti-Hillary Clinton film that led to the 2010 Supreme Court decision that removed restrictions on supposedly independent political spending for federal campaigns, is working on a new flick assailing the former secretary of state, and it […]

Politico: Citizens United plans Clinton film

Conservative group Citizens United is moving ahead with a movie on Hillary Clinton, even as NBC and CNN cancel planned films on the former first lady, according to a report. The movie, to be released in 2016, is still untitled, but will have a theatrical release, television broadcast and DVD distribution, however partnerships are yet […]

National Review: Judicial Excuses

Today Anthony Sanders discussed judicial activism and Citizens United v. FEC on National Review’s blog “Bench Memos”: Is it “judicial activism” to forbid the government from censoring a movie? This is not a trick question. Critics of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC have been calling it one of the worst examples […]

Human Events: Unsung Heroes!

Ron Robinson celebrates the unsung heroes of the 2010 election: To hijack President Obama’s favorite analogy: Obama’s policies drove the Democrats into a political ditch. He took America down a path they never expected him to go. Now the voters have turned the keys over to Speaker John Boehner! The Republicans won an historic victory, […]

In Case You Missed It: US Government: “We Can Ban Books”

US Government: “We Can Ban Books” Dep. Solicitor General Argues Jailing Book Publishers Is Constitutional During Tuesday’s oral arguments in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the government told the Supreme Court that it has the constitutional authority to send a commercial book publisher to prison for publishing a book that contains the words “Vote […]

The Constitutional Right to Listen

We usually think of freedom of speech as involving the right of speakers to speak, whether through public addresses, in writing, or over radio and television airwaves. But the courts have recognized an additional dimension to First Amendment free speech rights: the right to listen and watch. This right takes center stage in a current […]