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Newsmax: Citizens United’s Bossie: Obama ‘Thugocracy’ in Wis.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with’s Kathleen Walter to discuss everything from unions to debt to Ronald Reagan to President Obama:

President Barack Obama’s Chicago-style politics and “union thugocracy” are at work in Wisconsin in an effort to undermine Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to rein in the power of public sector labor unions, Citizens United President David Bossie tells Newsmax.TV.

Praising Walker for his courage, the head of the citizens advocacy group predicted that, with “just a little bit of support, he is going to be able to win and win a big victory, and then we’re going to be able to march it across the country, which is very important.”

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Under Walker’s plan, most state employees would lose bargaining rights for all but pay issues and have to kick in more of their pension and health care costs. The $300 million in savings over the next two years would help close a $3.6 billion budget shortfall, Walker contends.

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