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Newt Gingrich

Gingrich Productions: The Hope and the Change

“If you want to see why President Obama is worried this November, watch The Hope and the Change.” – Speaker Newt Gingrich Four years ago, when candidate Obama walked out among the Greek columns into a Colorado stadium filled with 75,000 people, many Americans were excited about politics. After nearly a decade of wars and […]

Citizens United Productions Announces RNC Event Schedule

Washington, DC – President David N. Bossie of Citizens United Productions – the premier conservative film studio in America – today announced the screening schedule of the Citizens United Theater at Liberty Plaza during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. “We are excited to once again host a theater at the RNC,” said Citizens […]

Cagle Post: Happy Birthday, President Reagan!

101 years ago today, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois. Ronald Reagan was – and still is – the heart of the modern day conservative movement. President Reagan saw America as a special place, “a shining city on a hill,” and a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. Many in […]

Concord Monitor: How the movies are made, sold

Are Newt Gingrich’s movies educational? Political advertisements? For profit? A little of everything? Gingrich made the movies before he declared he would run for president, but his campaign website and his wife Callista’s blog reference the films and their public screenings in early primary states such as Iowa, Florida and South Carolina. Gingrich made between […]

Daily Caller: The threat of homegrown terror is real

CU President David Bossie defends Rep. Peter King’s hearings into Islamic radicalism in America: The threat of homegrown terror is real, as the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas vividly illustrated. Today the House Committee on Homeland Security, under the chairmanship of Congressman Peter King (R-NY), held a critically important hearing on “The Extent of […]