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Big Hollywood: As Budget Battles Rage, ‘Generation Zero’ More Relevant Than Ever

CU President David Bossie opines on the cultural roots of our current budget battle:

The current economic crisis is not a failure of capitalism, but a failure of culture. Citizens United Productions’ film Generation Zero explores the cultural roots of the global financial meltdown – beginning with the narcissism of the 1960s which spread like a virus through the self-indulgent ’90s and exploded across the world in the present economic cataclysm.

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Brought to you by award-winning writer and director Stephen Bannon, Generation Zero is the first film in the “Tea Party Trilogy,” which also includes Fire from the Heartland and Battle for America. Featuring financial and cultural experts, authors, and pundits, including Lou Dobbs, Lawrence Kudlow, Tobin Smith, Victor Davis Hanson, Shelby Steele, Charles Krauthammer, Dick Morris, and Newt Gingrich, Generation Zero exposes the untold story of how the mindset of the Baby Boomers sowed the seeds of economic disaster that will be reaped by coming generations. Sean Hannity did an exclusive one hour special on Generation Zero, and the documentary has received extensive media acclaim.

This month, the Obama Administration will be making decisions that will have a major impact on the future of our country and economy. From the upcoming debt ceiling fight to a possible government shutdown, March 2011 will be a big test to see if we can restore America’s fiscal sanity. Generation Zero will give you the perspective needed to see how we got into this financial mess in the first place and what we can do about it. Our leaders have a chance this month to address it before the next crisis occurs, if only they will listen.

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