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Cagle Post: Pivotal Week For Israel and President Obama

Last Friday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he will seek Palestinian statehood from the United Nations this month. This dangerous pronouncement puts into stark relief the damage the Obama Administration has done because of its standoffish posture towards Israel. Back in the spring, President Obama threw Israel under the proverbial bus when he suggested […]

Cagle Post: Debt Debacle: How We Got Here

With a “compromise” on the debt standoff possibly happening early this week, it is useful to look back to see how we got here in the first place. The current debt crisis did not happen overnight; its roots can be traced back to when the housing market bubble burst back in 2007. The reckless lending […]

Cagle Post: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

With the monthly unemployment rate rising to 9.2 percent last week and only 18,000 jobs created in the month of June – the economic outlook is very bleak for America. Already, July is looking like another stagnant job month with over 400,000 Americans already getting the pink slip in the first week. Our economy has […]

Bad News On The Jobs Front

The government announced this morning that new unemployment claims rose more than expected last week to 429,000. This is the 11th week in a row that the new unemployment claims were over 400,000. The Obama Administration said last year would be a “Recovery Summer.” That obviously did not pan out and America’s economic engine is […]

Family Visits for GITMO Terrorists?!

The Obama Administration may open up GITMO to detainees’ families so they can visit. If this action goes forward it will undermine our national security. GITMO detainees are the worst of the worst and I have no doubt that they would issue orders to other terrorists to direct attacks against America. Those held at GITMO […]

The Truth About Obamacare Trickles Out

For the last two years, the Obama Administration has said that Obamacare will bring down health care costs. On Wednesday, the Chief Medicare Actuary – the one person who should know – told the House Budget Committee that it was mainly false to say that Obamacare will save the government money. Of course, the mainstream media […]

North Korea Nuke Strategy

While in China, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he believes that North Korea is five years away from having the capability of striking the continental United States with a nuclear tipped missile. Gates’ revelation is unnerving; how did the Obama Administration only just come to this conclusion? The North Korean regime is still in a pseudo […]

Death Panels Are Back

The New York Times reported on Christmas Day, that the Obama Administration will pay doctors who advise Medicare patients on end-of-life care. This is troubling, and an end-around of the flawed heath care legislation passed earlier this year. Starting on January 1st, doctors who receive Medicare payments will be able to discuss end-of-life treatments during a […]

Director of National Intelligence AWOL

Last night in an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper looked cluelessabout this week’s terror arrests in England. The reason why the position of Director of National Intelligence was created is to be the clearinghouse for all intelligence gathering. How could the DNI not know about major terror related arrests […]

Holder Is Seven Months Too Late

The Attorney General of the United States of America is one of the most powerful people in the federal government. Today in a news conference on another subject, Attorney General Eric Holder said that he authorized “a number of things” last week to combat Wikileaks. “Things” should have been done seven months ago when PFC Bradley […]

Obama’s Nonexistent Foreign Policy

As North Korea fires a barrage of artillery shells onto South Korean soil, the Obama administration foreign policy number one mission is to pass the START Treaty in the lame duck Congress. President Obama should concentrate on the more serious threats of North Korea and a nuclear Iran than pushing a treaty that will not pass […]