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Sen. Chuck Schumer

Politix: Why Do Incumbents Fear More Speech?

It is happening again. Powerful incumbent politicians fear electoral defeat and they are blaming free speech for it. New York Senator Chuck Schumer is quoted in a recent New York Times article saying, “Reform of the ‘super PAC’ problem is a major issue for Democrats in the next Congress.” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said if […]


Today Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is introducing “DISCLOSE Act 2.0,” which will have the same failed outcome as the original DISCLOSE Act. DISCLOSE Act 2.0 is written to chill free speech and only serves the purpose of making sure incumbents are reelected. I guess Chuck Schumer only cares about the retention of the […]

Politico: NY-9 loss a body blow for Obama?

Democrats are scrambling this morning to downplay their huge loss last night of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s seat in New York 9, a district that Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said was a “very difficult” one for Democrats. Remember, this seat was once held by current New York Senator Chuck Schumer and […]

Politco: Letter to the editor – DISCLOSE Act not the answer

Citizens United fights in defense of the First Amendment by CU President, David N. Bossie: In his Sept. 17 op-ed, “Secret Funds Flow into Races,” Fred Wertheimer alleges that “secret money has returned to U.S. politics” and argues that the DISCLOSE Act is the solution. Unfortunately, the deceptively named DISCLOSE Act has little to do […]

Statement From David Bossie on Schumer Campaign Finance Legislation

Statement From David Bossie on Schumer Campaign Finance Legislation: “This bill, like many that have come before it, is a incumbent-protection power grab dressed up in the sheep’s clothing of ‘reform.’ The bureaucratic jungle that this bill would create will force groups of modest means like Citizens United to spend thousands of dollars of donor […]