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Thankfully, the U.S. Senate killed the anti-1st Amendment DISCLOSE Act yesterday. President Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress wasted six months trying to enact this legislation aimed at stifling free speech rights instead of focusing on the economy. Liberal politicians more concerned with saving their own jobs than helping the American people find work. Priorities completely […]

BigGovernment: Will Senate Democrats Stifle Free Speech?

Regulating liberty, by David N. Bossie: Today the Senate returns to session having not yet addressed Senator Chuck Schumer’s troubling legislation, the Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act (“DISCLOSE Act”). Senator Schumer sought and failed to pass the DISCLOSE Act – a bill that would restrict the First Amendment rights […] Stop Iran Now

A foe to our friends and a friend to our foes, by David N. Bossie: On Tuesday President Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. I am disappointed that President Obama did not take this opportunity to reinforce his commitment to our allies in the Middle East by pledging stronger action to stop […]

Bossie Statement: If Congress Won’t Investigate White House Job Offers, Obama Should Authorize A DOJ Probe

Statement on White House Job Scandal From David Bossie, Former Chief Investigator, House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight “The recent admissions that the Obama Administration offered jobs to two individuals who were considering primary challenges to the White House’s favored candidates is troubling. But what is even more troubling is that the Democrat-controlled Congress […]

Obama Attacks Free Speech

President Obama jumped into the Democrat campaign to limit the free speech rights of grassroots groups like Citizens United this weekend when he used his weekly radio address to support Sen. Chuck Schumer’s ‘reform’ bill. What President Obama conveniently left out of his address, however, was any mention of Senator Schumer’s statement at the bill’s […]