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“Sheriff Joe’s” Station a Testament to Stimulus Failure

This week Amtrak renamed its Wilmington, Delaware train station after Vice President Joe Biden. The newly renovated station received $20 million in stimulus funds and was one of the first projects to receive taxpayer money, at Biden’s urging. As you may recall, after the stimulus passed in 2009, President Obama laughably dubbed Biden “Sheriff Joe” – the man who would police the stimulus spending to ensure it was not spent wastefully. True to form, the Joe Biden train station ran $5.7 million over budget and stands as a testament to the failure of the stimulus bill.

When pushing for the failed stimulus bill, President Obama said that the unemployment rate would not go over eight percent and the legislation would help the recovery. March 2011 was the first month that the unemployment rate fell below nine percent since April 2009. In 2008, Obama and Biden promised to govern as pragmatic moderates. Unfortunately, from day one, they have done the bidding of the far left and the awful economic results speak for themselves.

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