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112th Congress

American Spectator: A Conservative Communique for 2011

Citizens United joined with many other conservative organizations to sign the Conservative Communique of 2011: Along with nearly 100 conservative leaders and tea party activists we gather to reaffirm our principles of constitutional limited government and economic freedom and our belief in a strong national security and traditional American values. In the recent election, the […]

House Reading The Constitution

The tone that is being set on the second day of the 112th Congress might not get many flashy headlines but it has great meaning. For the first time in our nation’s history, the entire United States Constitution is being read on the House floor. Our legislators must understand the roots of our great Republic. […]

Daily Caller: An open letter to Speaker Boehner

An open letter to Speaker Boehner on his new responsibility, by David N. Bossie: Dear Speaker Boehner, Congratulations on your new Republican majority and your election as the 61st Speaker of the House! We conservatives have been given a tremendous opportunity to make the responsible and positive changes America so desperately needs at this consequential […]

Wikileaks Investigation By Issa’s Committee

The handling of the Wikileaks case has been bungled from the start by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama. Last month I called for a full investigation on why this major breach of classified material happened in the first place. I applaud Chairman Issa for making it a priority for the House Oversight and Government […]

Cleaning up the mess left by the 111th Congress

The 112th Congress, which will be sworn in later this week, will have the monumental task of cleaning up the mess made by the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress. First and foremost, it should be the goal of this Congress not to increase the exploding national debt. The 111th Congress added a seemingly impossible $3.22 trillion to […]

Finally Some Fiscal Sanity

Republicans were successful last night in beating back a $1.1 trillion spending bill that was loaded with pork, and would continue to put America’s fiscal future in the hole. The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate had a year to come up with a fiscally responsible spending bill and failed. Democrats thought they could ram this bill through the […]

Charlie Rangel’s Shenanigans

As the last chapter of the 111th Congress is written, the Charlie Rangel saga continues. Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” when she became Speaker of the House but, clearly, Charlie Rangel did not get the memo. Rangel walked out on his ethics committee hearing this morning in dramatic fashion while pleading poverty and an […]

Big Government: Welcome to Congress

A few words of advice to the freshman class of the 112th Congress by David N. Bossie: You’ve endured a long hard campaign season, weathered vicious attacks from your opponent, on Election Night, you triumphed, and now you will take your seat in the 112th Congress. Now the real work begins.While much of your time […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Running For Minority Leader?!?

It is fitting that on the same day the Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate remained at a stagnant 9.6 percent, Nancy Pelosi also declared she will run for Minority Leader. The collective “ARGHHHHHH!” you hear is from the moderate Democrats who survived the Republican tsunami on Tuesday and will yet again have to […]