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Daily Caller: An open letter to Speaker Boehner

An open letter to Speaker Boehner on his new responsibility, by David N. Bossie:

Dear Speaker Boehner,
Congratulations on your new Republican majority and your election as the 61st Speaker of the House! We conservatives have been given a tremendous opportunity to make the responsible and positive changes America so desperately needs at this consequential moment in our history. As you are acutely aware, the United States remains in the midst of a severe economic downturn. House Republicans were swept into power largely because voters came to the conclusion that President Obama, Former Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid didn’t have their priorities straight. The voters were absolutely correct!

As the economy continued to stumble, the national Democrat leadership instead focused on their health care takeover for an entire year. By making this irresponsible decision, they lost the public trust on economic issues. On November 2nd, the public loaned their trust to Republicans to help fix our economy and get America back on track. According to a recent CBS News poll, 56 percent of those polled said jobs and the economy are the issues they want the 112th Congress to focus on first and foremost. Conversely, health care registered a distant second at 14 percent. Statistics such as this are unmistakable: Americans want their national leadership to concentrate on innovative solutions to kick-start our economy and create jobs.

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